Site Selection, Grants, and Tax Incentives Advisors

Helping our clients to understand Location Economics and to optimize Government-sponsored economic development incentives.

SITE SELECTION:  Every State and Local government and every real estate owner is going to tell you that their site is best for your business  -- but only one is correct. SCOUT Economics' experienced location consultants take full account of the Company's current state and strategic plans, to measure and compare available sites across North America, to identify those with the characteristics that fit its true best.

INCENTIVES OPTIMIZATION:  Cutting cash costs and increasing Return On Investment (ROI) are critical to every business.  Our Grants and Tax Incentives practice has improved clients' ROI by more than $400 million since the beginning of the Great Recession by obtaining maximum value from government-funded economic development  incentives.

GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS: Government is a mystery for most business leaders.  SCOUT Economics professionals have staffed and led key State and Local government agencies and legislative bodies, giving them a unique "insider's" perspective of how decisions and policies are made by governmental authorities in the U.S.



State-of-the-art Site Selection, Incentives and Government Affairs services to companies growing or relocating operations.


 SCOUT Incentives Calculator℠ enables you to answer the question, “How much can government-funded incentives reduce my project's costs?”


Our project experience covers every region and virtually every industry in the US.