The SCOUT Incentives Calculator℠ enables you to answer the question: 

“How much can government-funded incentives reduce my project's costs?”


Enter your project parameters and let the SCOUT Incentives Calculator℠ determine how much incremental ROI could be added through the proper application of discretionary government-funded incentives.

The SCOUT Incentives Calculator℠ determines a range of real cash value for discretionary incentives and subsidies based on 5 simple project characteristics below that are well-known to anyone in your Company with responsibility for planned projects.


Describe your project

The SCOUT Incentives Calculator℠ is supported by an extensive array of state-specific assumptions derived from our years of experience across the U.S. in securing high-value incentive packages for our clients. We continually test and adjust the incentive calculator in response to actual project deal-flow as deals are publicly announced.

These results from the incentive calculator are the aggregate of the streams of incentives (subsidies) that are estimated over the entire benefits’ lives, assuming that the company follows a rigorous process intended to maximize incentives value from the beginning of the planning stages of the project.


Learn more about which programs are included in this estimate and what the company must do to ensure they are maximized by contacting us here.